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MHO Adventures has been guiding river trips for over 20 years. We have expanded our operation to offer you river and lake trips throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada and continue to offer new trip options each year for returning and adventurous clients. Custom  group trip plans are available.

"Live comfortably in the wilderness, enjoying pristine scenery, gourmet meals and a safe and fun voyage."

About us

MHO Adventures has been guiding and outfitting wilderness holidays and expeditions for over 20 years. Northern Ontario’s foremost River Guiding Company, MHO Adventures leads expeditions on Canada’s finest paddling areas including, the Missinaibi, Abitibi, Moose, Chapleau, and Bonaventure Rivers as well as in Killarney, Haliburton and anywhere else people would like to go.

From Introductory wilderness paddling weekends, fall colours photography weekends to multi-week expeditions on beautiful and challenging ‘Bay’ rivers, we have a trip for you. Located 26km inside of the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, the largest game preserve in the world, we have over 5,000 km of wilderness canoe routes at our doorstep.

Our highly trained, experienced and personable guides bring an abundance of knowledge and skill to every trip. With a delicious menu, beautiful scenery and great company we are sure you will have the time of your life. Join us for a truly memorable wilderness experience.


Established in 1990 by Dave and Julie Morin Missinaibi Headwaters Outfitters quickly grew into Northern Ontario’s foremost river guiding and adventure logistics service company with Dave being ranked by Field & Stream magazine as the top guide in North America.

When you own and operate an adventure tourism company you are not simply signing up for a job, you are choosing a lifestyle. In 2008 Dave and Julie were ready for a change; through a somewhat chance encounter with Matt during the winter of 2008, were able to pass the MHO legacy into younger hands, filled with drive and enthusiasm.

Since taking over in 2008 Matt and Erin have dedicated themselves to the growth and betterment of MHO. Every season they work with MHO’s amazing team of guides and drivers to provide the best services possible. As you will find if you join us on one of our incredible guided excursions, or use our services while planning the logistics of your personal adventure, our MHO Adventures team is committed to being the best at what we do, and providing you the best services and experience possible.

Our Philosophy


Our environmental philosophy is quite simply to live as an equal party within the ecosystems in which we are travelling. We recognize that we, humans, are a part of the ecosystems we are visiting and will have an impact. Our goal is to make it a positive impact rather than a negative one. We also recognize that we as a race have developed a tendency to manipulate, devastate and destroy species and ecosystems upon our arrival. We will be responsible in how we travel through the wilderness and conscientious of our actions and their impact. Our goal is to live as ‘one’ with the environment. Our environment is of utmost importance to us and we do everything in our power to make sure that we do not compromise its integrity.


Many of our excursions travel through traditional and current First Nations lands and travel routes. Our goal is to provide you with a greater understanding, and hopefully respect for, our First Nations population and their cultural history while having a positive effect on the communities that we visit. Rivers such as the Missinaibi hold great significance as both a traditional First Nations waterway with multiple spiritual sites, and also as an historic avenue for the English to enter into Canada. As a route that connected the Great Lakes with James Bay and to the old world the Missinaibi and many of its tributaries are steeped in history. We are committed to not only respecting, but working with, and learning from our friends in the First Nations communities that we visit.

Safety and Risk management

All wilderness travel contains elements of risk. It is our intent to use our training and experience to calculate and minimize the risks that you are exposed to while in the wilderness with us. Though all of our guides are trained and certified in first-aid and swift water rescue, as detailed below, our preference and goal is to avoid any incidents by mitigating risks using our professional judgement and making good decisions.

Every MHO Adventures guide is certified in Wilderness Medical training. Lead guides at the Wilderness First-Responder level, assistant guides at the Wilderness Advanced First Aid level, or higher. As well, all of our guides for water trips are trained and certified in swift water rescue.

Each and every MHO Adventures trip is equipped with a first-aid kit, all necessary rescue gear, a satellite phone and a SPOT GPS device as well as an emergency action plan.

Meals and Menus

MHO Adventures prides ourselves on serving top quality food to our guests. We are committed to providing you with a healthy, hearty and tasty menu. We put careful consideration into our menu planning to ensure proper nutrition each and every day of the trip. We make every attempt to use local produce for our menus and do much of our own dehydrating and smoking of meats and vegetables.

We have much experience in menu planning and will be glad to accommodate any dietary concerns or allergies. Please inform us of your needs when registering for a trip.