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MHO Adventures has been guiding river trips for over 25 years. Leading expeditions on Canada’s finest paddling rivers including, the Missinaibi, Moose, Chapleau, Bonaventure, Harricanaw, Petawawa and many more. From Introductory wilderness paddling weekends, fall colours photography weekends and family focused adventures to multi-week expeditions on beautiful and challenging Arctic rivers, we have a trip for you.

We will continue to offer new trip options each year for returning and adventurous clients and are happy to work with groups of 4 or more to plan and run a custom guided trip. We will work together to plan dates and locations that are best suited to the ability and schedule of all group members.

"Live comfortably in the wilderness, enjoying pristine scenery, gourmet meals and a safe and fun voyage."

Your Next Adventure...

Upper Missinaibi River

Imagine… running over 20 sets of rapids and camping every night beside the roar of cascading falls and rapids. Few rivers can match the power, beauty and history of the Upper Missinaibi. From its source... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Timmins, ONSkill Level:ModerateDuration:9 daysPrice:$2,595 CAD + HST

Bonaventure River

Next Trip Date:27th May 2018

By popular demand, we are returning to Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula to once again run La Riviere Bonaventure. Enjoy one rapid, that lasts 6 days!… no portages, crystal-clear drinkable water, no mosquitoes, breathtaking mountain scenery. This... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Bonaventure, QCSkill Level:IntermediateDuration:7 daysPrice:$2195 CAD + HST

Horton River – NWT

Flowing north from Horton Lake, the Horton River is mainland Canada’s most Northerly River.  This incredible river trip is perfect for those adventurers interested in heading north of the Arctic Circle to the land of... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Inuvik, NWTDuration:15 daysPrice:$9250 CDN + HST

Moose River Family Adventure

Next Trip Date:9th August 2018

Bring your family on a journey through Canadian history. After a ride north on the historic Polar Bear Express train we will disembark the train and take to the serene beauty of river at the... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Cochrane, ONSkill Level:ModerateDuration:6 daysPrice:$1,695 CAD + HST, Youth 5-13yrs old: $895 + HST, Children under 5yrs old: $395 + HST

Journey to the Northern Sky

Next Trip Date:30th July 2018

Our Lower Missinaibi River Expedition is the perfect package for those looking for a Northern Wilderness adventure, without the rigors of portaging. In fact, some days we may rig a sail and enjoy the luxury... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Cochrane, ONSkill Level:ModerateDuration:10 daysPrice:$3,095 CAD + HST

Thunderhouse Falls Fly Out

One of Canada’s great waterways, the Missinaibi flows North, uninterrupted for 350 miles to James Bay. We begin our adventure at the Brunswick Bridge, a couple of days upstream of the town of Mattice, the... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Kapuskasing, ONSkill Level:IntermediateDuration:8 daysPrice:$2,495 CAD + HST

Petawawa River – Algonquin Park

Next Trip Date:10th July 2018

Located in the North East corner of Algonquin Park is the Petawawa River, long considered one of Ontario’s classic whitewater canoe routes.  This is a spectacular whitewater river that is relatively easily accessible.  On our... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:East side of Algonquin ParkSkill Level:BeginerDuration:4 daysPrice:$1095 + HST

Killarney Falls Colours Weekend

Next Trip Date:22nd September 2017

With its quartzite ridge tops, turquoise lakes and pristine forests, Killarney Provincial Park is known as the Crown Jewel of the Ontario Parks system, and has long been the ideal destination for those seeking a... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Killarney, ONSkill Level:ModerateDuration:3 daysPrice:$575 CAD + HST

Haliburton Highlands Family Canoe Trip

This trip takes place in the Frost Center Area, one of southern Ontario’s most accessible paddling areas. The Haliburton Highlands water trails is a wonderful combination of large and small lakes as well as rivers... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Dorset, ONSkill Level:BeginnersDuration:3 daysPrice:$465 + HST

17 Day Lower Missinaibi River

One of Canada’s great waterways, the Missinaibi flows North, uninterrupted for 350 miles to James Bay. We begin our adventure at the Brunswick Bridge, a couple of days upstream of the town of Mattice, the... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Cochrane, ONSkill Level:IntermediateDuration:17 daysPrice:$4,495 CAD + HST