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MHO Adventures has been guiding river trips for over 25 years. Leading expeditions on Canada’s finest paddling rivers including, the Missinaibi, Moose, Chapleau, Bonaventure, Harricanaw, Petawawa and many more. From Introductory wilderness paddling weekends, fall colours photography weekends and family focused adventures to multi-week expeditions on beautiful and challenging Arctic rivers, we have a trip for you.

We will continue to offer new trip options each year for returning and adventurous clients and are happy to work with groups of 4 or more to plan and run a custom guided trip. We will work together to plan dates and locations that are best suited to the ability and schedule of all group members.

"Live comfortably in the wilderness, enjoying pristine scenery, gourmet meals and a safe and fun voyage."

Your Next Adventure...

Algonquin Canoe

Next Trip Date:22nd June 2018

A world renown provincial park, Algonquin boasts thousands of kilometers of canoe routes, each with its own challenges and rewards.  Your group will travel by canoe and on land each day exploring this great park... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Huntsville, ONSkill Level:Bronze OR Silver - Practice Journey and Qualifying JourneyDuration:4 daysPrice:$575

Temagami Canoe

Home to the world’s oldest stand of red pine old growth, the Temagami wilderness is second to none.  The rugged terrain is the perfect location to challenge oneself both mentally and physically and be rewarded... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Huntsville, ONSkill Level:Silver OR Gold - Practice Journey and Qualifying JourneyDuration:6 daysPrice:$950

Algonquin Hike

Next Trip Date:18th June 2018

Being responsible for carrying all of your personal gear and a part of the group gear on your back for days adds an entirely new element to the words challenge and adventure.  As part of... Read more »

Start & Finish Location:Huntsville, ONSkill Level:Bronze OR Silver - Practice Journey & Qualifying JourneyDuration:4 daysPrice:$575