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Adventure Overview

This 5 night Coiba Island Expedition allows you to experience multiple camp spots, maximum wildlife, diverse paddling, a chance to visit the Penal Colony and a beach popular with scarlet macaws! Explore by kayak secluded white sand beaches, wildlife filled bays and snorkel species-rich reefs, rocks and beaches . Your Fluid experience will focus on skill acquisition, quality food, the natural history of the area, cultural and environmental awareness, small group sizes with a whole lot of fun and exploration!!


Day 1: Depart Santa Catalina early morning via boat launch and local captain. Travel approx 90 minutes along the Pacific Coast to Coiba NP. We tend to start these tours with our first 2 nights around Punta Esquina and the Bahai Damas area in order to access the penal colony and macaws.

Day 2: Visit Penal colony and scarlet macaws. This is usually the day we get to paddle over to the old jail. Exploring the “Alcatraz of Central America” site that operated up until 2004 brings about stories of the past where the original buildings were actually for the rangers to lock themselves in at night while the prisoners slept in more basic structures ‘outside’. Once we’ve had our fill we can also go seek a few spots that often frequent the macaws.

Day 3-5: Explore by kayak secluded beaches, wildlife filled bays and snorkel species rich reefs and rock out croppings. Opportunities to visit Isla Rancheria and learn about the Smithsonian Institute and their important studies, kayak to Granito de Oro and snorkel among the diverse species including turtles, sharks, rays and parrot fish, explore Mango beach and visit with the howler monkeys, black hawks and osprey. We’ll get to paddle around the Cocos islands to view nesting shorebirds and snorkel some sweet spots. We will also work on teaching/refining proper stroke techniques and skill improvements. Our camps are often visited by capuchin monkeys, agoutis, kingfishers, honeycreepers, hummingbirds and herons, to name a few.

Day 6: We break camp, paddle to the ANAM ranger station to rendezvous with our boat and local captain Kirri. We have the opportunity to visit some locations we may not have been able to reach via kayak, such as beautiful Canales Afuera! Continue back to Santa Catalina for a delicious lunch at one of the locally owned restaurants, connect with travel plans or check in to your Santa Catalina hotel to chill, reflect and reward yourself!

Activities Include: Kayaking, snorkeling, camping, hiking, birding, hammock surfing, wildlife viewing, star gazing, exploring, beach combing for hidden treasures.


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What's Included


Secluded Bay Beach Camping & all permits

Double and Single Kayaks

All tents, thermarests, group camping gear

Professional guides with a knowledge of ocean travel and the area

All food from lunch on Day 1 – Lunch on Day 6

Not Included

Transportation to and from Santa Catalina, Panama