Reliable, Affordable, and Convenient

MHO Adventures has been providing top notch outfitting services for over 25 years. We have everything you need, from kitchen wannigans to tents, camp chairs, canoes, park permits, and more. We know what you need to enjoy a safe, fun and memorable adventure.

Since 2016, we operate our base out of Hunstville, ON.  Unfortunately, due to the demand for Guided Trips and Expedition food service we not longer offer stand alone shuttles in Northern Ontario.

"What ever your needs, we will use our knowledge and resources to find a way to meet them."

Outfitting & Food Service

Planning the logistics of a canoe trip can be the most time consuming and frustrating aspect, sometimes impossible for international travellers especially.  This is what we do!  We are happy to plan fully outfitted turn-key experiences for groups of 6 or more, we will use our knowledge and resources to build you the perfect canoe trip!  Shuttles and Guides are available at an additional cost.

Exceptional Equipment

When it comes to equipment, it is important to us that our clients feel comfortable and confident when using it (and look good doing it!) For that reason, we believe strongly in buying top of the line gear that performs well in all conditions, keeping you warm, dry and safe.  Buying quality equipment means that our gear lasts longer, resulting in less trips to the landfill. We also purchase from Canadian manufacturers whenever possible, further reducing our carbon footprint. Our canoes (made in Quebec!) are sold to individuals after two-three years of use to ensure that our fleet is always in the best shape and that our retired canoes will continue to bring a smile to someone‚Äôs face.

Gourmet Food

Many people think about freeze dried, one pouch meals when they think of camping food. Let us assure you that at MHO Adventures, this is not the case! We pride ourselves on serving top quality food to our clients.  Many of our meals are homemade, from recipes that we have developed over years of running wilderness expeditions. We do most of our own dehydrating and provide as much fresh food as possible.  We make every attempt to use local produce when available and even source some of it from our own garden!  We are committed to providing a healthy, hearty and tasty menu. We put careful consideration into our menu planning to ensure proper nutrition each and every day of the trip. We are able to accommodate most dietary needs, working closely with our clients to address concerns and avoid allergens.  Providing quality food has a positive effect on health, safety and enjoyment of the wilderness. Being able to prepare nutritious, appetizing meals allows everyone to keep pace with the physical and mental challenges of wilderness expeditions.


Canoe Rentals $40/day (Royalex & T-Formex Boats)

Full Outfitting $125/person/day

Satellite Phone $20/day 

Food Only $45/person/day

Fully Outfitted Equipment List

  • Kitchen Wannagan (pots, pans, utensils, dish kit, etc)
  • Stove and Fuel
  • Fire Kit (grill, saw, matches, fire starter)
  • Water Purification
  • Saw
  • Tarp & Rope
  • Bathroom Bag
  • Maps & Case
  • Canoe Packs, Dry Bags
  • Tents & Thermarests
  • Canoes, Paddles, PFD’s
  • Light Safety & First Aid Kits
  • Gourmet Meal Plan including all meals, snacks, and desserts.
  • Food packed in waterproof 60L Barrels with Harnesses
  • MHO Cookbook