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Dehydrated Food Products




At MHO Adventures we do all of our dehydrating in house, using our delicious recipes, made in small batches.

We have had lots of inquiries about being able to purchase these items.  The time has come that we are able to offer a few select items for sale.  Sold in 4 portion resealable packages, so you don’t need to eat it all at once.

THUNDERHOUSE CHILLI – This is a traditional ground beef chilli.  Simply rehydrate and serve over masked potatoes or on its own. GF, DF

MEAT SAUCE – Just like nana’s, hearty and delicious!  Simply rehydrate and serve over pasta.  GF, DF

SHEPHERD’S PIE – Nothing like some home-cooked comfort food on the trail!  Ground beef, corn, veggies and sauce all cooked to perfection and dehydrated on site.  Serve over mashed potatoes.  GF, DF

Providing quality food has a positive effect on health, safety and enjoyment of the wilderness. Being able to prepare nutritious, appetizing meals allows everyone to keep pace with the physical and mental challenges of wilderness expeditions.