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Best trip home Ever

Erin, I expect that you have had a report about our trip from Emy and Noemie. I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we did. They were superb guides who worked nonstop to make our family trip memorable. They were diplomatic and not intimidated by our group which included some experienced outdoor enthusiasts. Brenda and I have paddled the Dumoine 4x’s before going back 43 years!. Not easy to please everyone all the time and maintain discipline with a group notorious for individualism. The analogy to herding cats would not do credit to their skills to lead while gently but firmly set standards. It didn’t take long for them to win over the family. Not every day that a guide has the challenge of managing very small children with older grandparents, one of whom was hardly able to walk just a few weeks before. Hats off to them and to their employers’ staff selection and training.

The arrangements and cuisine were also flawless and memorable.

The last comment from my son today at YYZ was ‘best visit home ever”! That is saying something. 

Thank  you and hope to travel with MHO again.