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Claire Burnard


Claire went on her first multi-day canoe trip when she was 3 years old. Some might say she was doomed to be a guide, but she considers this the best job in the world. She spent many afternoons running around the Canadian Canoe Museum killing time while her mum finished work. This is where she developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the history of the canoe, the indigenous peoples who invented and specialized them, and the perfection of this design for exploring the rivers of this great land. When highschool rolled around, one of her first jobs was delivering educational museum programming to students.

Claire has over a decade of summer guiding and canoe instruction experience paddling in Royalex, cedar canvas, and everything in between.

In her free time she enjoys woodworking, swimming, whitewater kayaking, and learning traditional skills. In the winter Claire can be found mushing friendly and enthusiastic dog teams in Algonquin Park