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Fred Neegan

Happy Trails Dear Friend!
Fred Neegan was an amazing friend, a fabulous teacher and guide, a very well respected First Nations Elder, and someone that had an impact on everyone that was lucky enough to spend time with him.  He had been working with MHO Adventures much longer than any of us and we feel very privileged to have spent so many days travelling the river with Fred. The lessons he taught and messages he shared just by living were nothing short of amazing! May the Missinaibi River always be graced with your paddle Dr. Fred Neegan. In 2015, Dr. Fred Neegan’s life long commitment to the Missinaibi River was commemorated with a plaque dedicating the landing in Mattice to him. At the age of 87 on June 8th, 2018, Fred passed away at Sudbury Regional Hospital.  On the 8th floor with a panoramic view of the sailboats down on Ramsey Lake, he was, of course, telling stories and sharing memories right up to his last days.