Designed to introduce participants to canoeing in the various disciplines

The Moving Water Tandem program transfers and expands basic canoeing skills and knowledge to whitewater tandem canoeing and river running (which may provide foundational skill and knowledge for creeking, playboating, and slalom) (three levels of courses, all courses are approximately 2 days in length). The Moving Water Tandem program provides the theory and skills for proficient tandem canoeing up to Class III. Includes: rescue skills and procedures, specialized equipment, efficient bracing, specialized dynamic, static, and combined strokes, efficient and precision paddling, and standard and advanced whitewater manoeuvres. This includes teaching the participants the skill and knowledge to deal with what-if situations such as recovering from an unintentional back surf or unsuccessful hole punch. The terms moving water and whitewater canoeing are used to describe travel on a river where the paddler utilizes the river and water features and may include simple “play” like activities as she/he travels. Whitewater canoeing skills are applicable to day outings as well as multi-day canoe tripping.

(Paddle Canada, 2011)

Introduction to Moving Water

The Moving Water Introduction to Canoeing course is designed to introduce participants to canoeing in current/moving water. Emphasis is placed on understanding the principles of moving water, boat control, and safety. This two-day course will start with the basics, hopefully igniting a passion in students to continue building their paddling skills.

Duration: 2 day(s) Price: $339 CAD + HST

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  • Our base and meeting location is the Ahmic Lake Resort (4km from Ahmic Harbour, Ontario – between Burk’s Falls and Parry Sound). This is a great setup for a paddling course: there are tons of good canoeing rapids and training spots in the area and you can either camp for free onsite or rent one of the comfortable cottages.
  • Those staying on-site bring their own camping equipment and food. We will provide group shelters, a ‘camp kitchen’ with drinking water, BBQ, stove and tables. Also on site are bathrooms, hot showers, coin laundry, and Swiss Country House Restaurant & Old Mill Licensed Lounge.

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