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Noire River

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Can you convert a Flat Water Paddler to Rapids?

A Client Experience During a Noire River Adult Adventure Being a full-time flat water paddler for over 10 years, I wasn't sure what to expect paddling whitewater for the first time. Would I enjoy the faster pace, paddling down the rushing water of a Quebec, Ontario river? Could I handle the waves that could possibly swamp our canoe, boulders blocking our path and the adrenaline rush that was sure to follow? This summer my husband and I took on an…

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A Guided Canoe Trip is the Perfect Post-Lockdown Family Adventure

The province has been social-distancing for over eleven weeks now. It has forced businesses to close their doors; restaurants have migrated to take-out and delivery. Suddenly a trip to the grocery stores is no longer a mundane weekend chore but the most exciting (and high risk) activity anyone does. No one knows exactly when things will return to normal, or what exactly the new normal will look like. Perhaps the industry that will see the greatest shift is the tourism…

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11 Reaons - Guided Trip

11 Reasons to Take a Guided Wilderness Trip in Canada

We get it. You like the outdoors. You are awed by the wildlife, flora and unspoiled waters in the wilderness. Being an adventure enthusiast in Canada or the United States means that you would have gone on at least one such expedition or wish to do so in the near future. Before you decide if a guided trip is right for you, here's what you need to know.   What is a Guided trip? If you (and your friends/family) would…

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5 Interesting Facts About The Noire River

This Canadian river gets its name from the dark colour of its waters. Its source is just South of the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve in Western Quebec from there it flows down into the Ottawa River. Remote but notable, there are a number of reasons the Noire River is a well-loved paradise by Whitewater canoeists and wilderness enthusiasts. One of 'the three sisters' The Noire River is often grouped together with the Dumoine and the Coulonge rivers because of their…

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