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Program Overview

“I was impressed by how delicious everything was. I do want to give positive recognition and praise to MHO for INCREDIBLE dietary accommodations. Overall, the food was phenomenal!”

With a great expedition menu, comes training, experience and knowledge in order to pack and prepare.  MHO Adventures will be offering a 2-day Expedition Food Training program, during which time we will share all of our knowledge and learnings over the past 3+ decades of practice.

During the various workshops over the 2-day course, we will strive to provide you with knowledge and insight into expedition food planning.  Our goal is that each participant gains the skills and tools to start or enhance your tripping food program.

Our Mission – Food Service

Realizing that food is one of the most important components of backcountry trips, we serve gourmet meals in the wilderness, and pride ourselves on:

  • In-house dehydrated meals
  • Fresh, healthy, hearty and tasty ingredients
  • Providing proper nutrition each day
  • Focusing on health, safety & enjoyment of the wilderness

Being able to prepare nutritious, appetizing meals allows everyone to keep pace with the physical and mental challenges of wilderness expeditions. Many people think about freeze dried single portion meals when they think of camping food. Let us assure you that at MHO Adventures, this is not the case! We pride ourselves on serving top quality food to our clients.

Training Benefits

  • Learn about menu planning; how to create a balanced diet in the backcountry and how to budget for it; different menus for different seasons
  • Create trip menus for various lengths of time, keeping weight in mind  
  • Front country vs. backcountry; river vs. lake trips
  • Participate in backcountry cooking and baking workshops
  • Learn various techniques and experiment with equipment 
  • Cooking well on fires and different stoves 
  • What is in our cook kit
  • Dehydrating and properly rehydrating various foods
  • How to package and how to pack food for various lengths of trips
  • Waste management and minimizing waste
  • Ideas for dealing with special diets and dietary restrictions – products we have come to know and love

This course alone is a great product, however, the real value is that we are going to be sharing ALL of our documents related to Expedition Food.  These resources have been created over the past 12+ years and are revisited, updated and improved annually.  Until now they have only been used in house.

NEW:  MHO Meal Map

For a few years now we have been entertaining different ways of how to share our information and documents related to food service.  Including; meal plans, menus, portion sizes, ingredient lists, dietary alternatives, sources, etc.

This fall and winter we have been working to build and online platform that is next level.  This tool is going to make meal planning for groups a breeze, and give you full access to all of MHO Adventures Intellectual property.

Saving so much time and food which translates directly to saving money!  We cant afford not to use this platform.

The website will be introduced during the course and use will be available by subscription to an annual plan.

This course is suitable for camp directors, trip directors, food service providers, independent guides and wilderness travellers looking to refresh their menus, small business owners who want to provide groups with high quality well balanced meals, and any other outdoor industry professional looking to broaden their knowledge. Our goal over this 2-day course is to provide you with the tools and resources to be able to create menus, package foods, budget and purchase food, and practice your backcountry cooking skills, network, etc.

Food & Lodging

Camping is available onsite for $25 (participants are welcome to arrive the night before after dinner and camp, or the morning of the course)

Lunch is included in the price of the training as we will be making lunches through our backcountry baking and cooking workshops. 

A meal plan which includes two breakfasts and one dinner is available for $65 

Upcoming Training Dates

May 22, 2024 - May 23, 2024 Register Now