Your source for Backcountry Skill Development

Your source for Backcountry Skill Development

MHO Adventures strives to be leaders in the outdoor industry by offering quality river expeditions, providing educational trips for students and creating custom trips.  We also work with other professionals to provide thorough training to those who are on the front lines creating  memorable, safe  and educational experiences for others.  In 2021 we launched our River Roots Program, a 42 day full immersion guide training program focused on whitewater canoeing.  We work with  Wilderness Medical Associates Canada to offer Wilderness Medical Training. And in 2022 we are offering a NEW Expedition Food Training Course.  

We have been leading trips for 30 years and we are passionate about giving people the opportunity to explore the backcountry. These courses are one way we love to share our passion and our experience.

"My course with MHO was a very dynamic, fun and professional experience that I would recommend to anyone!"

Our Training Courses...

Expedition Food Training

With a great expedition menu, comes training, experience and knowledge in order to pack and prepare.  MHO Adventures will be offering a 2-day Expedition Food Training program, during which time we will share all of... Read more »

Start & Finish Location: Huntsville, ON Duration: 2 day(s) Date: 04/05/2022 Price: 495 CAD + HST

River Roots Program

Our goal of the River Roots Program is to create a learning opportunity for students to become well rounded outdoor professionals.  Those who graduate from the program will be hard working, growth oriented leaders that... Read more »

Start & Finish Location: Huntsville, ON Duration: 42 day(s) Date: 01/05/2022 Price: $8,995 CAD + HST

Wilderness First Responder (WFR) – 5 Days

The definitive wilderness course in medical training, leadership, and critical thinking for outdoor, low-resource, and remote professionals and leaders. The Wilderness First Responder program is the ideal medical training for leaders in remote areas including... Read more »

Start & Finish Location: Huntsville, ON Duration: 5 day(s) Date: 25/04/2022 Price: $1025 CAD + HST

WFR Recert – 3 Days

The Recertification course is open to graduates of all wilderness medical training courses of 64 hours or longer with a current Wilderness First Responder certification. Successful graduates of this course will receive Wilderness Medical Associates’... Read more »

Start & Finish Location: Huntsville, ON Duration: 3 day(s) Price: $575 CAD + HST

ORCKA Canoe Tripping Level 3

MHO Adventures specializes in canoe instruction courses. The Canoe Tripping 3 course is designed for those looking to lead and/or guide wilderness canoe trips. This course focuses on planning and leading a multi-day wilderness expedition. The... Read more »

Duration: 5 day(s) Price: $925 CAD + HST