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White Water Information

A Guided Canoe Trip is the Perfect Post-Lockdown Family Adventure

The province has been social-distancing for over eleven weeks now. It has forced businesses to close their doors; restaurants have migrated to take-out and delivery. Suddenly a trip to the grocery stores is no longer a mundane weekend chore but the most exciting (and high risk) activity anyone does. No one knows exactly when things will return to normal, or what exactly the new normal will look like. Perhaps the industry that will see the greatest shift is the tourism…

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The Ultimate Guide to Feeding During your Outdoor Adventure

Experiencing the wilderness is amazing but many people dread the eating experience. While the outdoors is not exactly the Ritz, you need not be stuck with boring camp food or have to do a Survivor food challenge! Let's show you what your meal plan could look like, the cooking equipment required to supplement your packing guide and how to prepare simple but highly nutritious gourmet-style meals during your outdoor adventure. You need nutrients for your adventure The increased physical activity…

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Whitewater Rapids: The Universal Classification Guide

There are a good number of white-water rivers in Canada with popular activities including canoeing, water-rafting, kayaking and wilderness exploration. Rapids are responsible for the appearance of 'white' waters. They are areas of lower water levels that cause the waves to beat against the exposed rocks, which aerates the water with air bubbles and it makes for a fun ride. Water naturally flows downstream and the goal is to move with that current. How do you know what those classes…

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Whitewater Glossary: 30 Whitewater Terms You Need to Know

Perhaps you've picked an interest in water sports or you have stumbled into one of our articles on white-water adventures. You might even be a pro already, looking for new waters to conquer. Regardless of your skill level, there are certain terms you should know. The difference between a rapid and falls may be a simple slip in conversation, however it could lead to dangerous mistakes on the water. Here are basic terms to articulate the components of your next…

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Essential packing list

The Essential Packing Guide For Your Whitewater Expedition

Packing for any trip can be a hassle. However, when it involves being outdoors for several days up to a number of weeks, you have limited options for accessing those necessary items that you did not bring along. Of course, your specific needs may differ slightly, but we have prepared a guide with most of the major items you need to think about and pack for your white-water adventure. Canoe gear You need the appropriate canoe and outfitting for your…

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